Exclusive Fruit Balsamic Vinegars

Exclusive Fruit Balsamic Vinegars

VOM FASS fruit balsamic vinegars are produced from their eponymous fruits. The remarkable array and exceptional quality of our fruit vinegars has become the hallmark of VOM FASS. Whether experienced on their own, paired with an infused extra virgin olive oil or enjoyed as a luxury component in sparkling water, these vinegars are in a class by themselves. The high fruit content, mild acidity, and intense aromas are the signature of our 100% fruit balsamic vinegars.

25 Item(s)

25 Item(s)

Fruit Balsamic Vinegars

VOM FASS fruit balsamic vinegars are unique in production with a quality rarely found today. The difference between a vinegar and a balsamic vinegar lies in the fermentation technique of the concentrated fruit juice from the whole pressed grape. This process is what makes VOM FASS balsamics fruitier and more harmonious than vinegar; they maintain their natural quality and are balanced in acidity.

Being a Responsible Company

Is your fruit vinegar produced exclusively from fruit? We place great value on natural sources and we spare neither trouble nor expense to produce our Balsamic Vinegars and Balsamic Stars from the very fruit after which they are named. These form the fruity and unique basis for our own make, the exquisite Fruit Balsamic Vinegars.

Only the very best raw materials are used for the production of our vinegar specialties. Balsamic vinegars of the highest quality are created from 100% natural fruit juices. Considerate harvesting, gentle processing and careful storage form the basis of these exceptionally fine vinegar specialties.

Nature is our raw materials supplier. For this reason we deal with these resources responsibly and ensure that all areas of our VOM FASS concept are designed to be sustainable. We therefore see it as our ecological responsibility, for example, to allow you to refill your bottles at any stores at any time.

The ADRIAN Manufactory

The name Adrian Kiderlen is strongly rooted in the field of high-quality vinegar products made from the world's best raw substances which turn modern, everyday cuisine into something exceptional, giving even the simplest of dishes a noble final touch.

This artistry began in 1840. The wine and vinegar production by the Kiderlen family in the idyllic town of Ravensburg, Germany in central Upper Swabia is first mentioned in documents of this year. What the Kiderlen's remote ancestor Adrian Kiderlen began over 170 years ago has been maintained, refined and continuously improved by generations of successors. Here the skills of the trade blend beautifully with experience of inestimable value.

As a tribute to the founder, the fourth generation of successors has named the ADRIAN Manufactory in Waldburg near Ravensburg from where our unique fruits vinegars and other top quality products are manufactured.